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Катехизм УГКЦ (українською) 

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Відео Галерея на сторінці Єпархії в Чікаго:

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Українсько – Американська Асоціація штату Вашингтон

Пласт в Сіетлі

Пласт – Українська Скавтська Організація США

Українська мова в University of Washington

Посольство США в Україні

Посольство України у США

Українська Кредитна Спілка США

Світовий Конгрес Українців

Універсальний перекодувальник на Український шрифт

Американський національний телефонний реєстр (щоб відмовитись від рекламних дзвінків)

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  1. Brothers and Sisters of the Ukrainian People in the USA and in Ukraine–

    In this time of your grave need, we offer without ceasing
    this prayer on behalf of the cause of peace with justice for all the people of Ukraine.

    Bob Waldrop
    Oscar Romero Catholic Worker
    Oklahoma City

    A Prayer to the Venerable Dorothy Day for the People of Ukraine

    + Dorothy Day
    Friend of the Poor,
    Defender of Peace,
    Disciple of the Lord,

    The whole earth groans with the
    sufferings of the people of Ukraine.

    Great powers contend about them.
    Corrupt politicians inflame their passions.
    Demons conspire against the common good.
    Confusing voices call to the people.
    Perilous times come upon the families of the land.
    The signs of these times that they must discern are tragic and unjust.

    Dorothy Day, Disciple of the Lord,
    Walk with the people of Ukraine this day.
    Bless them with wisdom and prudence.
    Restore them with justice and temperance.
    Defend the lowly and the poor.
    Rescue them from the hand of the wicked.
    Deliver them from great powers contending over their land,
    so that peace with respect for human life and dignity will
    reign forever and ever.

    This miracle we pray for in the name of the Christ who daily
    is crucified along the streets and highways and among the
    people of Ukraine, Amen.

    Download a PDF page set up to print 4 prayer cards with this prayer at

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